FULL-TIME professional actor, bilingual (spa/eng)

I'm Adrian Perez, -working professional actor London/Madrid/Prague. This year I played the lead role in my first feature film backed by the BFI, premiere June-2019; +since I've worked on 10 films back-to-back, worked with some incredible directors+actors, across UK/Spain.

I'm very committed to my roles/projects (physically/emotionally), passionate about film+what I do, I treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

26yrs old. Spanish-born Yorkshire-bred. My journey in fact began directing behind camera, I specialised in Film/TV production at The University of York for 3yrs, my directorial debut film Reborn went onto making the official selection at the AOFA (American Online Film Awards) in New York in 2012. I’ve also enjoyed a career in regional marketing operations+asset management, having worked in the Disney Channel(s) London head office for 4yrs. Alongside my media career, I gained formal drama training for 3yrs at/w The Poor School, CDAM (Clare Davidson), AMAW (Anthony Meindl), LAA (Tim Evans). I secured/but had to decline my place to study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York back in 2016. This 4yr chapter at Disney/in London saw me become world-class in marketing, whilst growing confident as a performer+person.

I’m now advancing my acting career ferociously -full time, available for hire in both Spain/UK/international/US, flexible, rates negotiable = management@adrianperez.co

I’m listed on Spotlight / IMDB / Equity + always welcome new connections/representation = management@adrianperez.co

Physical details:
-Age Range: 22 – 38
-Height: 185cm / 6ft 1in
-Weight: 84kg / 185lbs
-Ethnicity: mediterranean / white / caucasian
-Eye colour: brown
-Hair colour: black